Conventional Gas Conversion Kit For EURO I - II- II - IV Cars

ISO 15500 Approved

The RME 090 pressure reducer has been designed by LOVATO to achieved up to the Euro 4th standard. LOVATO RME 090 is a powerful reducer, suitable for high powered cars (from 500 to 4000 CC). Reliable under all working condition and provided superior performance in comfort and Drivability

Lovato conversion system are using advanced software that controls the injection interruption, lambda control and timing advance functions for lowest emission and maximum mileage, Lovato conventional (mixer) system have specific vehicle and calibration option as well as diagnostic program.

Lambda Control System ( Close Loop system)

For Better Mileage and Smooth Performance

  • LOVECO LCS is a computerised self registering electronic system for the management of Natural Gas. It is an antipollution Computerised device which controls of emission of MPFI cars.
  • LOVECO maintains the stoichiometric ratio of the fuel setting constant through the acquistion of the Lambda prob signal of vehicle. it optimize driving parameteres during the transitory phases in acceleration an din deceleration.
  • LOVECO it does not require manual adjustment and is capable of adopting automatically to changing environmental condition and different vehicle uses ensuring and optional carburetion in terms of drive-ability consumption an demission.
  • LOVECO electronically manages the adjustment of the flow rate of Gas, allowing the Lambda factor to reach desired levels at all engine revolution rates.
  • LOVECO Electromechanical actuator dosing the amount of gas at medium and high regimes. ( Att-Max.) , keeping it constant even when other system are running such as air conditioning, Power Steering etc.

TAP ( Timing Advance Processor )

For Petrol Type Pick-up in CNG

The Timing Advance Processor adjust the advance when engine is running on Gas and resets the original Timing when the engine operates with Petrol. The TAP improves performance and consumption, company always suggest to use this device on CNG Vehicle.